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Good news for the seals. The parliament of Belgium has voted about a stop on trade and import of seal fur and it got enough votes, so Belgium will ban import and trade of seal fur. In about two weeks something like that will be bring into voting in the Dutch parliament. I hope the Netherlands will follow the example of belgium and will voted for a ban.

In the European Union they are still talking about a ban on seal products and also about an import stop on cat and dog fur from China. I think this year will be a very animal friendly year!


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Carob Mousse Pie

Tomorrow someone has her birthday at work and I was asked to make that delicious pie I made a while a go.
It is a recipe from ‘We Like It Raw‘.

Everyone likes this one! 🙂

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Almost everyday a cat is visiting our garden. A few months ago I have made some pictures of this cat.

More pictures to see here!

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Good news for the sheep

Yes, today the ministery of agriculture, nature and food quality of the Netherlands announced that cutting of the tail of sheep will be forbidden starting from january the 1st of 2008.

Farmers cut of the tail to prevent flies to spread a disease into the sheep. The disease is called Myiasis.
Today a research report was launched about the subject and they stated that cutting of the tail will not prevent it from happening. There are better ways to prevent it.
It is a good step forwards, but I think it was better if it was stopped right away, but that is how it is working here.. the farmers can still continue with doing the wrong way until they must do it another way.

Another thing.. tomorrow the dutch parliament will vote about motions (i don’t know if that is the correct english word for it) regarding vivisection. The Party of the Animals want a stop on using all kind of primates for animal testing and also to give animals like squids the status of an animals which can feel pain and can suffer. I hope all the other parties will vote to accept.

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I bought this book recently. It is a great book. I have made cupcakes from one of the recipes and everyone likes it! It is a good way to promote veganism with cupcakes 🙂

Everyone should have this book!

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Hello and welcome on this weblog. On this weblog I will tell you about all kind of vegan things, about animal rights activism and about my life. And not forget… about that delicious vegan food I will make often. So bookmark this page now and come back often!

Make your life vegantastic!

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