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Go Vegan! Shirt

I recently designed a great shirt.


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Human rights…

I saw that the category Human Rights has 0 posts, so hereby the first one.

I’m vegan and much involved in animal rights. Many people often says that animal rights activists are hating every human and do not care about other humans. That is ofcourse not true. The most vegan and animal rights people I know think much about human rights too. They are buying more fair trade products and sweatshopfree products then the average people who are not vegan or activist. Also they are involved with groups who stand up for people who are not being heard.

I also care a lot about people. Sometimes I cannot sleep because of images I have seen about genocides in the world. I also don’t know why nobody does something in darfur/sudan. After WWII everyone said that we should not allow such things as a holocaust anymore, but why does it still happen? Think about Rwanda.. nobody did something. And now in Darfur. Why?

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A trip to a pigfarm

Yesterday I made an organised trip to a pigfarm. It wasn’t nice to be there, but it is good to see it with your own eyes how bad these animals have it.

More pictures can be found here.

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Circus animals

As some of you know I am involved in an actiongroup against animal cruelty in the circus. The campaign we have is working ok. It creates many discussions on the internet, in the press and in the politics. I recently designed a new banner to use for the campaign.

Nice isn’t it?

Also I got an e-mail about a wild elephant in India who freed another elephant from a circus. A great story. You should read it here.

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