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Everybody use it nowadays.  Tags are used to archive video, pictures and files. It is a great and simple way to search through a lot of content. A lot of services like YouTube and Flickr are using tags to organize all their content. But did you know you can use this to protest against companies?

For example:

A lot of companies are using YouTube to publish their videos.  This video are categorized with tags.
YouTube displays  also videos which are related to this video. YouTube finds videos with similar content using tags.
Company X is selling all kind of products. Company X funds animal experiments. As activist you can make videos with your message.
Upload your video (give it a good title and description) and tag it with the name of this company and other relevant tags. This way if someone search on this company name or is viewing a video about or from this company then youtube can match your video as related video to the videos of this company.  People will see your message and maybe they will click on it and see your video.


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Google has got some nice tools. Some of them you can use during your campaigns. Google Maps with Street View is one of them.

Before this feature was available it was sometimes difficult for me to go to a place where we were going to do a protest.  It is always a good thing to know how the area looks like before you are doing a protest over there.

With Google Maps and Street View you are now able to get a direct view of the location. It will help more to organise your protest and you can think ahead about where everybody should stand. Another benefit of this tools are that you can send a map and picture of the location to your activists so they know where the protest will be.

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Human rights…

I saw that the category Human Rights has 0 posts, so hereby the first one.

I’m vegan and much involved in animal rights. Many people often says that animal rights activists are hating every human and do not care about other humans. That is ofcourse not true. The most vegan and animal rights people I know think much about human rights too. They are buying more fair trade products and sweatshopfree products then the average people who are not vegan or activist. Also they are involved with groups who stand up for people who are not being heard.

I also care a lot about people. Sometimes I cannot sleep because of images I have seen about genocides in the world. I also don’t know why nobody does something in darfur/sudan. After WWII everyone said that we should not allow such things as a holocaust anymore, but why does it still happen? Think about Rwanda.. nobody did something. And now in Darfur. Why?

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