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More snow pictures

I was just uploading the pictures below to facebook when this little fellow appeared



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That’s the name of a cat which was hanging around the garden of my parents when I used to live their. Pictures are taken 4 years ago. I found the pictures while going through my harddisk. I don’t know if I already posted them here in the past, but else I think that is not a problem 🙂

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Winter pictures

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Autumn forest

I went today to a forest with my parents and my little nephew. I took some pictures there. Take a look below.

And ofcourse also a picture of my little nephew:

The autumn colors reminded me of some art work I made a while ago with a poem I wrote (don’t know for sure if the english is correct english.. ):

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The little ones…

I like to make some pictures of animals, but also the smaller animals. Take a look at the pictures below: (click on picture)

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Almost everyday a cat is visiting our garden. A few months ago I have made some pictures of this cat.

More pictures to see here!

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